About me

Hello everybody!My name's Martina,I live in Italy and I'm a fashion addicted!
Since I was 7 I buy Elle magazine and sometimes Vogue and MarieClaire (but I dont really enjoy them..),my aunt is a stylist,she works in Milan and teach at the Politecnico.She really inspire me because she has everything she dreamed.
My parents call me Tinny (I dont know why.. :P) in my opinion the best nickname in the world.
I also love writing so I always put in my bag my Moleskine notebook,inspiration is everywhere!
Since I was 5 I read a lot.I like every kind of books:Harry Potter's Saga are the books of my childhood and I still remember all the episode.
I'm thinking about study at the Marangoni Fashion School in Milan to become a stylis like my aunt,but i's also like study psicology or antropology (have you ever seen the telefilm "Bones"?It's my favourite!!) or journalism.
I'm a girl with so much hobbies and passions so it's difficult to say them all here!
In my blog I'll post some news about fashion world,some outfit (not mine,I'm ugly and fat,sorry),some inspiration looks and some online shop where you'll find interesting stuff!
Hope you enjoy it and,for any kind of questions,write a comment under the last post! ;)

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